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SIMPLE AND CLASSIC (by Diogo Cunha)#fashion #lookbook #ootd #basicstyle #classic #simple

Hi guys, this is my last look on my blog! :D
Go check it out:

Do you like it??? :D (y)
We live in cities you’ll never see on screen. (by CHILL Torralba)
I am only as young as the minute is full of it (by CHILL Torralba)
Summer Breeze (by CHILL Torralba)
SNAP OUT OF IT AND TRY (by Diogo Cunha)New post up on my blog guys! Go check it out on:  :D
Lookbook Blogger UNITED #2 (by Diogo Cunha)#fashion #look #ootdmen #basicstyle #project #jeans

Hi guys, new post up and new project with Vini, Marcel and Nathan :D

More photos on my blog:

Hope you like it! :)
Athenaeum ( (by Mike Quyen)
Tropical Breeze (by Sofia  Reis)
ASC AMSTERDAM SHOES (by Diogo Cunha)#fashion #ootdmen #basicstyle #classic 

Last post on my blog! :D
Wall Street 2.0 (by Marcel Floruss)
LEATHER ‘N’ STRIPES (by Lisa Dengler)
EASY DRESS(ED) (by Lisa Dengler)
I want to do whatever common people do (by Holynights Claudia)
I’d rather dance with you. (by Martine Haanschoten)